2 hr  |  $259

3 hr  |  $359

Pearl District

private lesson for 1-2

**This photo tour has a prerequisite** Participants should have either taken F-Stops + Shutter Speeds 101 or have a basic knowledge of their camera's settings. You should currently be shooting in aperture priority or shutter priority (utilizing exposure compensation when necessary) or manual mode.


F-Stops + Shutter Speeds 102 briefly reviews basic camera settings and begins to explore more advanced techniques. We cover transforming a good image into a great image with composition, lighting and perspective. If you are not already shooting in manual mode, the transition to manual is covered.  

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What You'll Learn:

We begin with a short review of the camera settings covered in F-Stops + Shutter Speeds 101 and then dive deeper into more advanced camera settings. We cover metering, how to expose for the highlights in your image, lighting ratios and making the transition into manual mode including the pros and cons of this mode (you may ultimately chose to continue shooting in aperture priority which is just fine). We'll also review lens selection, focal length and their effect on depth of field and compression.

We also begin the important discussion of what is "good light" and how it can have a huge impact on your photography. As we walk around the Pearl District, I will point out examples of different kinds of light and when you might want to apply them to your images. You will be given shooting exercises to practice recognizing good light. We also practice improving composition and perspective through exercises I refer to as "enhancing the everyday" and getting "low and close". 

All along you will be continuing to put into practice your knowledge of camera settings learned in F-Stops + Shutter Speeds 101. Practice is definitely the way to improve! You can receive immediate feedback by having me review the images you shoot on your LCD. This is a great way to learn!

At the end of the photo tour, you will be sent an invite into Portland Photo Tour Forum. This is a group open only to those who have participated in a Portland Photo Tour and are interested in learning, inspiring and having fun with photography. Tag me on your posts in the forum and I will give you feedback!


Lighting direction + quality


Exposing for the highlights + lighting ratios

Focal length + lens compression

Composition + perspective

Transition into manual mode

Practice of F-Stops + Shutter Speeds 101

Meeting Location:

Tanner Springs Park, Pearl District

NW 10th Ave + Marshall Street, Portland, OR 97209


Your choice in the Portland metro area


DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera

Wide angle and/or standard lens

Capable of walking 1.5 miles carrying your equipment


Combine F-Stops + Shutter Speeds 101 + 102 into a 3 hour lesson for $329!

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More Info:

Children ages 10-17 may attend with a registered legal guardian.



For this lesson, you can book a "Private Photo Tour" on the online calendar. I will reach out with 24 hrs to confirm the lesson plan and meeting location. Don't see a time slot on the calendar that works for you?  Interested in additional hours? Submit a PRIVATE TOUR INQUIRY FORM. Scheduling is flexible!