2 hr  |  $259

3 hr  |  $359

private lesson for 1-2

Post processing is key to creating stunning images. Without some editing savvy it's hard to see your image through to your final vision. This private lesson will teach you how to make your images stand out with editing techniques that every photographer needs to know. We'll edit side by side and I'll walk you through my post flow. This is not a Lightroom or Photoshop tutorial. There are plenty of instructional videos for that. This lesson will teach you to really SEE what adjustments your images need to bring them to their full potential​!

Post Production

My Approach:  
I am not one for aggressive editing techniques. I don't substitute a sky for one that wasn't really there, remove power lines or add sunbursts. That's just not my style and so that's not what this lesson is about. However, my images don't fall out of the camera looking the way they do in my portfolio. I like to describe what I do as "enhancing" rather than "manipulating" an image. The eye has a greater dynamic range than any camera (basically we can see more details in the shadows and highlights than a camera). Technology may get us there one day, but we aren't there yet. My end processing goal is really to see what it is I saw when I shot the image. Photographers have be doing this long before digital by dodging and burning in the darkroom. 


We will sit down together and edit photos side by side. Please bring 10 images in Raw format. I'll walk you through making these images look amazing without over processing. We'll exchange these images prior to the lesson through Dropbox, so they are ready to go the day we meet. 


If you don't already have Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop) or Adobe Lightroom, I recommend purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (desktop version) for $9.99 per month, which will give you both. It's up to you which we use that day. This is not necessarily a tutorial of how to use these programs (although you will learn some tips and tricks along the way), so I recommend getting familiar with one of these programs prior to your lesson.  


  • Obtaining the ideal exposure

  • Color correction

  • Bringing in detail on washed out skies

  • Dodging and burning

  • Sharping images

  • Reducing noise

  • Cropping and composition

  • Cleaning up dust spots

  • Light retouching and cloning

  • Making your images "pop"

  • Saving highlights + bringing detail to shadows

  • Filter presets

Meeting Location:

Your choice in the Portland metro area!



Adobe Photoshop with Camera Raw plugin or Lightroom

10 unedited raw images shot by you

More Info:

Minimum age for this lesson is 18


For this lesson, you can book a "Private Photo Tour" on the online calendar. I will reach out with 24 hrs to confirm the lesson plan and meeting location. Don't see a time slot on the calendar that works for you?  Interested in additional hours? Submit a PRIVATE TOUR INQUIRY FORM. Scheduling is flexible!