Portland Photo Tour Forum - Minimalist Photography, May Assignment

So many great submissions for PPT Forum's May assignment! I hope this challenge inspired everyone to think outside the box and see the world around us in a different way.

Next month is....Long Exposure Photography (shot in the daytime including moving water or clouds in the image)! Long exposure photography and neutral density filters have come up many times in conversation within our forum. Let's give it a go!

Here are a few of the wonderful images submitted this month. Beautifully done!

Photo credit: Bee Portillo Soria Captured on Pixel 2

Photo Credit: Luis Fernando Quintero Sony a6300, Meike 35mm 1/400 @ ƒ11, ISO 100 5 vertical images stitched

Photo credit: Robbie Mattson

Photo credit: Christina Bazan-Grow

Canon Rebel

1/500 @ F2.8, ISO 100

Photo credit: Melanie Wood‎

Photo credit: Vicki Seabrook

Ricoh GR 28mm

1/2000 @ F6.3, ISO 800

Photo credit: Bee Portillo Soria

Captured on Pixel 2

#photographyforum #learnphotography #minimalism

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