Portland Photo Tour Forum - Macro Photography, August Assignment

Macro photography was a big hit this month, with many assignment submissions! I'm thrilled to see everyone practicing their skills and/or trying something new. Focusing can be a very difficult part of macro photography, but with practice comes improvement and I saw quite a bit of both this month. Thank you all for your efforts. It was hard to choose just a few!

September's assignment...Reflections!

Photo credit: Melanie J. Wood‎

Photo Credit: Leah Averett‎

Photo credit: Mary Meares‎

F5.6 @ 1/250, ISO100

Lensbaby Velvet 56

Sony A7RII

Photo credit: Luis Fernando Quintero‎ Sony A6300 Meike 35mm F4 @ 1/800, ISO 100

Photo credit: Joanne Brannigan‎

Photo Credit: Angela Mendel‎

Photo Credit: Jessica Fawley

Photo Credit: Christina Bazan-Grow

Photo Credit: Trina Jennings Ledbetter

Photo Credit: Mary Meares‎

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