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16 Reasons Why You Should Learn Photography

Portland Photography Class

1. Create an heirloom for your children. Thanks to digital photography, today’s children will be lucky enough to have tons of images to preserve their childhood. 2. Document your memories. When tragedy strikes, and people lose all their possessions, what do you hear people want back the most? Their photos. In other words...their memories. 3. Enjoy your photos with family. Some of the best times with family are just sitting around looking through old photos. 4. Improve your family portraits. It’s pretty convenient having a photographer in the family and you don’t have to be a pro to better your family photos. 5. Capture the quirkiness of your pet. Photos tell the story of how our pets became part of the family. 6. Give the gift of photography. A framed photo is one of the most personalized and thoughtful gifts you can give. 7. Connect with others. Photography is a universal language that has the power to bring people together. 8. Admire the work of other photographers. Learning photography allows you the ability to appreciate the work of others on a whole other level. 9. Express yourself. Taking photos is a creative outlet for you and others to discover more of who you are. 10. Live in the moment. See the details and beauty of the everyday. Literally stop and smell the roses. Photography gives you the opportunity to take it all in. 11. Boost your resume. Photography is skill that is useful in almost any workplace. 12. Travel keepsakes. Creating images of your travels is the ultimate souvenir. 13. Be happy. Forget your worries and redirect your attention to something creative and liberating. Photography can bring you joy! 14. Get out of the house. This is your opportunity to be active, healthy and breathe in the fresh air! 15. Anyone, anytime, anyplace. Taking pictures is the perfect interest alone or with people, in the sun or the rain, day or night, anywhere in the world. 16. Challenge yourself. Photography is always changing and evolving. Improvement is motivating and the reward of an image that you love can bring great satisfaction. Happy Shooting!

~ Jennifer


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